Frequently Asked Questions

What costs are associated with your services?

We offer customized services to each client. We’ll help you assess what’s working in your benefit plan and what’s not, and, together, we’ll determine the best solutions. Services are priced accordingly.

How do I know my data is secure?

Your organization’s personal data is priceless, and we take extra precautions to make sure it’s protected. We partner with Benefitsolver®, a company that focuses on security within its product, process, and people, and our internal controls at Capstone mimic those of Benefitsolver®.

From regular vulnerability scans and an intrusion prevention system within the product, IT risk assessment and third party financial audits within the process, and providing risk management and PHI data training to the people handling your data, we are proud to offer protection you can trust.

What if I only want a handful of the services you provide?

That’s great! Every group is different, and our “a la carte” system gives you the flexibility to choose which services your group wants and needs.

What kind of contract is required for your services?

Because we offer diverse and personalized services, our contract terms are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. We work with each individual client to agree upon a mutually beneficial contract that clearly outlines Capstone’s roles and responsibilities.

Is Capstone Administrators an insurance broker?

No. Capstone is a third party administrator. We work with both brokers and employers but are NOT an insurance brokerage.

What if my group has multiple plan carriers?

We are able to send eligibility to multiple carriers as well as remit premium payments to multiple carriers.

What services do you provide for voluntary group benefits?

Capstone is dedicated to a carrier-agnostic process, meaning we are able to provide services no matter which carrier you use. We work with each individual carrier to develop a seamless transaction for you. And with Benefitsolver’s® single sign-on feature, it’s easy for employees to access their health benefits and voluntary benefits all in one location.